16 August 2014

Fun stuff

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 I am not seeing some comments until days later. Anyone else having that problem?

 My theme has been scraps and stash busting which has resulted in a Hippie, Gypsy, Bohemian vibe over the summer. Its colorful and fun. 
Gypsy Granny Bag

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Have a Fine Day. All Day Long!
Happy Crocheting and God Bless!

07 August 2014

Triple Thread

This lovely pattern came about because I've been busting my stash for quite awhile, and not buying yarn, so I've become yarn poor. :) In a good way.  I couldn't decide if it should be called Triple Thread or Yarn Poor, but Triple Thread seems to fit. Its made with 3 strands of thread or lace weight yarn. 
You can use any 3 of your choice, I used size 10 thread, size 5 thread and lace weight wool held together through out. A size I crochet hook, you can use any yarn/hook combo you choose though, I think a size K hook and chunky yarn would be thick and soft too.
Special notes:
For the first dc of each row, instead of working a ch3 as usual, make a sc, ch2. The sc gives the base of the stitch a thickness that just looks better. Nifty tip, try it. :)

Shell: (2dc, ch1, 2dc)
Shell in shell = work a shell in the ch1 sp of the next shell

R1 Ch 29, work 1dc, ch1, 2dc into the 4th ch from the hook. (Counts as first shell) *Skip 4 chs, shell in next ch. Repeat * across. Ch1 Turn. (6 Shells)

R2 Slst into the ch1 sp of first shell, sc and ch2 (counts as first dc) work 1dc, ch1, 2dc into the same ch1 sp. (Counts as first shell) Shell in next shell across. Ch1 Turn. (6 Shells)

R3 through as many rows as it takes to get to your desired length, or if you are yarn poor like me, until you run out of yarn! :)
Tip: I used a yarn winder to wind my yarn combo together, essentially making my own tweedy colorway and it was much easier keeping up with 1 ball rather than 3 separate ones. ;)

I've linked up with the Lovely Linda's Summer Stash-Busting since this project was all from stash and lends its self well to stashbusting. :) Follow the link to seethe link-up! :)

Happy Crocheting!
Enjoy and God Bless!

04 August 2014

End of Summer crocheting

its that time again.
Clothes shopping, class finding, book bag packing, paper buying.
School starts soon, chaos typically ensues, last of summer fun to be squeezed in! :)
I thought I'd show you a few projects I've finished up from the W.I.P. basket and are now in their donation boxes. Which are packed up and ready to mail. As soon as I find time. :)
For the rest of the year, my focus will be on warm things for the homeless in our local cities and a few things for the cancer center I've been asked to make. I received the sweetest message the other day, it just blessed and humbled me so much. You should take a look at her blog, she's new to blogging, though she is a sucessful crocheter. :)
KrissysWonders of the Slanted Life. Check her out, she has a baby slipper pattern free right now too!

Don't ya just love little star blankets... 
Happy Crocheting!
Have a fine day, all day long and God Bless!

27 July 2014

Inside the box...

With out further ado...
Some of the vintag-y goodness from  the box!
Some of the scarves were from newer yarns I think just because of the colors.

These were made on a loom then sewn together, I remember when I was a child helping my mom and aunt loom and tie them. Nifty little things. :)

Have a great start to your week!

God Bless!


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