16 April 2014

A pretty Vintage project...

This is my current w.i.p. basket. On this tiny 2.75mm hook is a vintage Sirdar Matinee Jacket. :) I'm loving it! 
My sweet as a peach cousin from Georgia is having a Baby! and I can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. So to start is this lovely, tiny stitch, adorable matinee jacket and the matching hat is just about the cutest hat you've ever seen! The hat pattern is by Sunflowers at Home blog. :)
Here's the Ravelry page too. The stitching and 3d post stitch matches the jacket perfectly. 
 I'm also working a few of these hats for donations too. As soon as the boxes are filled, they will be shipped out. I don't send to any 1 place, but use what ever yarn I have or find on sale and make items that will work, some charities only use specific weights, or some use wool and some don't etc. Anyway, I can't wait to finish this set. I have a super cute little bow for Ginny's hat, I'll post it soon. :)

Happy Crocheting! God Bless!

14 April 2014

Philby and Sam

Hey, my Mom left to go back to Kentucky today.
Its always bitter sweet.
I'm glad to visit.
I'm sad to see them go.
This is Philby. He's always happy, he's not very big, but he looks so big due to all the fluff, lol, and below is Sam. Sam is like a grumpy old man, but Philby is always ready to play. They are Mom's fur babies, and honestly, my siblings, lol.  Mom said when your kids grow up and leave the house, you will need fur babies too.
 I did manage to finish this preemie set before they arrived.
My son just came back from a trip to NY. He went with his 8th grade class and got to go to the Yankee/Red Sox game and a lot of other places and took a ton of photos, so I will post some of them for you this week. :)  We had to sell a ton of candy bars, lol. 

Anyway, hope you are having a good start to your crafting week.

11 April 2014

Thank you Debi! :)

About a week or so ago Debi had a giveaway for 3 skeins of Red Heart Shimmer yarn in Lime and a set of size 15 knitting needles. I entered and was really surprised when reading that I had won. :) The package arrived today! :)

 and how sweet is she?
She included 3 little jars with pretty purple and pink shades of beads, pompoms and ribbons and trims....and this beauty...
 Its a gem! Its pink. Its covered in flowers of varying shades of pink, and it fits my hand perfectly! its also my go to size hook. :) Debi, you are awesome and you really did just make my day.
Look at that handle!
Thank you so much for thinking of me. :)
I am honored and consider you a true friend. 

Happy Crocheting and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
(My Mom is coming for a visit from Kentucky this weekend, so its a mad house here trying to get everything ready for company, but I promise, that beautiful hook is getting used today!)
God Bless!

She is having another giveaway, 2 actually, here's that post. You still have about 2 days to enter! In case you didn't know, she also heads up the Guardian Grandmas.

09 April 2014

Nice Day...

these needles!
An elderly lady from church, whom I adore like a second mother, cleaned out a closet for a friend and was told she could have what ever she wanted. She came across this vintage bag of yarn, with a sweater partially knitted, 6 skeins of fine yarn, some needles, odds and ends and these needles. I think they are vintage, they look plastic, but if you tap them on the table, they "ting" like a metal rod would. They seem to be plastic coated metal. They are older because the white tips are yellowed with age. The case says "made in England" I don't know if these needles are readily available or not, but I really like these and am thankful she thought to bless me with them. :)
The yarn is a stash so stash busting here! :)
Coffee! a gorgeous basket and nifty needles.
A Great Day.
Hope you are having one too.
This project is for small newborns or preemies, (yes I know its hot pink, but I thought someone might like the bright cheery color) Here is the pattern I've been working. Its quick, cute and functional. 

No mini vacation this week, sooooooo, I'm making my self feel better with coffee and yarn! :)

Hope your weekend is full of really good coffee, (or tea if your not a coffee person) and fantastic yarn! I think I see a flea market or two in my weekend plans...

Happy Crocheting!
God Bless!

07 April 2014

Crochet Doily Lace Bowls and some news.....

 Hey! How are you?
 Its a very rainy Monday here.
I've had a busy weekend with a craft fair at church and a speaking engagement this past weekend at a rally. This week we are supposed to go on a mini 2 day vacation, but we'll have to wait out the weather and see and next week the kiddies are on spring break. It could go one of 2 ways, either lots of crochet time or no crochet time. Again...a wait and see kind of thing. 
 These pretty lovelies are what I've been working on this past week. Size 3 cotton thread doilies stiffened. This is a very old technique, my husbands mother did this also about 30+ years ago. I did not get to benefit from her experience, as she was in her 40's when she had my husband, but I did see some of her work before she passed. I did use an old technique, however you can buy stiffener in craft stores or liquid starch in the laundry isle.

 I love the fluted edges on this one. :) The doily was to big for the bowl I used as a form, so an easy fix was just to ruffle the edges. 
These are also going to be made in abundance for our women's luncheon this summer. A tea and lemonade theme. I promise lots of photos too! :) My cousin is getting married so my work load just doubled as she wants crochet lace covered mason jars as decorations too. I have a pattern coming for you, it will be free. In fact its already typed up. I just need to edit it, so be on the look out for that very soon. ;)

Guess what?????
My name was drawn by the lovely Debi from Dly's Hooks and Yarns, for her giveaway of size 15 knitting needles and some Shimmer yarn! Ahh! Tickled pink over that! (or should I say Green!)  Thank you Debi! :) She is supposed to have another giveaway of some Pound of Love, so go give her some love! She has been doing some video blogs, and they are great. I'll be working on some preemie donations coming up too. I'll be sure to post a photo for you. It humbles me how tiny some of these items are. Where do you donate your handmade creations?

Happy Crocheting, have a fine day and God Bless!


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