24 April 2014

House warming gifts...

A friend of mine is moving into a new house. Its a new/old house, new to her family, but older house with lots of beautiful comfortable appeal. You know the houses you fall in love with? It sits close to a pond...

Well, I want to make her a house warming gift, this Pear Trivet by Dishcloth Diaries is just a gorgeous addition to her gift basket, but I ran out of the orange cotton! Stash busting...Yarn diet...Orange is her favorite college team colors! Hmmmmm..... Would you buy 1 skein of dishcloth cotton to finish this or work it in a different color?

I'm also going to make her a few loaves of homemade bread. I use olive oil and sea salt in my recipe. Its a french bread recipe, love it and will share soon. :) Its very simple, crusty on the outside and soft in the center. I've mostly given up breads, pastas and other rapidly absorbing carbs, but I miss making home made bread. 

But I digress...

What would you do in this yarn situation?
What are some of your favorite handmade, knitted, crochet, etc. gifts to make for house warmings?

I am staying tuned for your help! :)

Happy crafting!
God Bless!

21 April 2014

Pretty...funny, yarn

 This yarn is sooo pretty! and for $1 a skein...

Very nice...
Funny because it is double wrapped. The entire skein is 2 strands together.
Neat huh? Wonder if it was a manufacturing mistake? See the photo...
 This is the yarn, Gala mixed fiber. I think it has natural, wool or something, because it looks like it has animal hairs in it like wool does, but looking it up, it has man made fibers so I'm not too sure? This particular one is a fine fingering #2 weight.
Here's what I've made with it so far...
A very sweet little rose from Olga's pattern. Its on Lacy Crochet. This is consistently one of my most favorite roses to crochet. Thank you Olga for sharing with us! :)

I am not buying anymore yarn. I'm on a yarn diet.
But for a good cause, I need to seriously bust stash, use up odds and ends, which I guess I have so many because they are from projects that aren't my go to colors, so they just sit in balls and tangled up mess. So they need to be used up. I need the space, the cleanliness and need to save money too, lol. :)
Happy Crocheting!
God Bless!

20 April 2014

Its Easter! and a Fun trip's photos...

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter today with your family and friends!!
We are celebrating the Risen Savior Jesus Christ today! :)

I meant to post these photos last week, but here they are today.
My oldest son went on a trip with his school to NY, he had a great time. Here are some of his photos...he's a teen, I think he has an eye for it! :)

There are lots more photos, these were some of my favorites.
He takes pretty good photos.
Have a great week!

P.S... The Easter bunny didn't bring me any yarn...
Guess I'll be spinning angora! Lol!

19 April 2014

A Peachy Little Hat

A Peachy Top Knot Hat

Sizes: Circumference 10”stretchable. 5” diameter. Smaller hat use smaller hook (F) and sport weight yarn and for a larger hat use hook size (H) and a worsted weight yarn. You can customize this little hat to your specifications; instructions given are for preemie size, more sizing instructions at the end of the pattern.
Materials: DK weight yarn 
Stitches used: slst, ch, sc, dc,
Special Stitches: Slanted Shell work 2dc, ch2, sc all in the same space. Turn after every row.
Begin top knot
R1 Chain 12, hdc in 2nd st from hook and every ch. (11 hdc)
R2 Ch1, turn. Hdc in each ch across. (11 hdc)
Slip stitch foundation chain to the top edge of hdc row just crocheted.
Now, working over the 2 hdc rows, you will work over the side/post of the hdc. This will be your “beginning ring”.
R1 Ch1, work 6sc over the post of first hdc. Work 6 more sc over the post of the next hdc, thus working in a ring or circle fashion. Join to first sc with a slst. (12 sc)
R2 Ch1. Work a sc in each stitch around. Join to first sc with a slst. (12 sc)
R3 Ch1, In each sc, work (sc, ch2, sc). Join to first sc with a slst. (12 ch2 sps)
R4 Ch2, into each ch2 sp around, work a Slanted Shell. (See stitches) Join to first dc of row. Ignore the ch2 in the beginning; this just brings you to stitch height. Turn. (12 Slanted Shells)
R5-10 Repeat R4, but work each slanted Shell into the chain 2 space of previous rows Slanted Shell, remembering to turn after each row. Finish off. (12 Slanted Shells per row)
Weave in ends. Tie a knot in the top of the hat with the long piece worked first. This hat can easily be made larger by working more sc sts in the first hat row, such as 15 sc in R1, 15 sc in R2, 15 ch2 sps in R3, and 15 Slanted Shells in R4-10, etc. Follow your charities specific guidelines and enjoy!

Link yours on Ravelry Here! :) 
Craftsy, just click the Craftsy button in the sidebar

16 April 2014

A pretty Vintage project...

This is my current w.i.p. basket. On this tiny 2.75mm hook is a vintage Sirdar Matinee Jacket. :) I'm loving it! 
My sweet as a peach cousin from Georgia is having a Baby! and I can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. So to start is this lovely, tiny stitch, adorable matinee jacket and the matching hat is just about the cutest hat you've ever seen! The hat pattern is by Sunflowers at Home blog. :)
Here's the Ravelry page too. The stitching and 3d post stitch matches the jacket perfectly. 
 I'm also working a few of these hats for donations too. As soon as the boxes are filled, they will be shipped out. I don't send to any 1 place, but use what ever yarn I have or find on sale and make items that will work, some charities only use specific weights, or some use wool and some don't etc. Anyway, I can't wait to finish this set. I have a super cute little bow for Ginny's hat, I'll post it soon. :)

Happy Crocheting! God Bless!


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