27 May 2009

Crocheting Away....

I haven't posted any current projects in a bit, because I can't.... I tested a super cute outfit for my baby, but I can't show it till its release date, but I have some other things I can show you soon.
A beautiful pineapple tote, I did something special to it, but It's a swap and I'm waiting for my partner to get it first. Then I can show the photo. A small cabled bag, as a "warm~up" for the purse swap at the ville. Join in, really, this one's going to be great! A blanket for a sick doggie, probably I won't get it done in time, but I'm trying, and the Paradise Skirt CAL which my yarn just arrived this morning for. Join in this one. I usually do quick little projects, because I like to finish quick, and probably my attention span is non~existant, but I will make this in a t-length, or below the knee, what ever you call it. In a saphire blue, its almost navy. I need encouragement to make this, it's in #5 thread..... YES it is. Beautiful. Photo here, and here. Pattern Here. Join in. I think a #3 thread or Paton's Grace would work to, just would be a little more full, but you could go down a hook size and fix that. I still am going to make the Walking After Midnight Skirt too. Ohh, and I ordered a nifty purse pattern, for the swap, and that big pink monkey....you remember..... ;) ...Photos comming soon. Stay tuned......


  1. #5 thread???? Whew girl, you will be my new crochet hero when that is complete! ;)
    Can't wait to see pics soon...

  2. Hahahaha!!! I will be my own hero if I can stay focused and pay attention and get it done. :P I have the attention span of a gnat!We will see....Im not conceited, I promise!

  3. Wanted to let yo knwo you won an award from my blog to yours and can pick it up here http://blazeandcrochet.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-7-picks-and-giveaway-i-won-and.html

    Have a Blessed day!


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