24 September 2009

Baking, Burani and Blog~ness

MMmmmmm! Don't they look good! I made these this past weekend for a family dinner. They were yummy! Probably I gained 5lbs. (at least everyone else there did too! LOL!) ;)

This is dough for sweet yeast rolls. I've shared my recipe before, but I'll post it again sometime soon when I have a few more minutes. I made a huge mess, lol.

Remember the Burani Dress (it's at the bottom of the post in this link)I started a while ago? The one in German? I'm doing good so far. Many notes, rips and second guessing later, this is where I'm at so far.

It's black, the sun was just bright outside today. I'm almost to the arm/shoulder. I'll be looking up some friends on Ravelry to help me with that. ;) Then I still have to make the other side, sew them together and crochet all the edgings.

I kinda messed up my math and have an extra pattern repeat, so there will be one on the next side as well. At least I know it will fit me. That's one of the things I love about lacy crochet, your garments stretch down and skinny out. So they fit really well without all the extra shaping.

Help me decide...what color underneath? Rose or tan? It'd have to be a dark tan b/c I'm fair complected. Any other ideas? I am inspired to make a lace dress again, but worked in the round, maybe with pineapples, or something. So that's added to my never ending wip list. I actually do have a notebook with sketches and yarn/thread ideas/notes.

This is a nifty blog I found, well, actually she found me and I'm glad she did. It's Bare Feet on the Front Porch. Check her out. It's a fun place to spend some time. She has a post on Goodwill Treasures up today. See, I knew you'd like that!

OOOh! My math professor had on a black skirt the other day with a pineapple and chain edging in thread sewn onto the bottom. I think I have seen this before, it's unusual, it takes a crocheter to see real crochet on a garment vs a store bought crochet garment. The sts were unusually put together. Ready for this? I think I have seen her skirt on Ravelry before!!! Ahhh! Maybe my Math professor is on Ravelry. How cool is that? I'm going to check and see.

Have a beautiful, crafty and fun weekend! Me...I'll be studying for a final. My first compacted class is over next week. Quiz monday, test tuesday, final thursday. Eeeek! If I pass it, I get to move on to the next math class. Yippie for me! :P uhhhh, that's sarcasm, just so ya know, I'm really not all that happy about math, but I'm doing good so far. Thank you Jesus!


  1. The dress looks like it is working up really well. I'm so impressed. As much as I love crochet, I don't have the gumption to try garment pieces. Good luck with your math! Thanks for the link. And ROSE. :D I think the extra color would be better.

  2. Thanks Sara! I just decided one day I wanted to make clothing, and said a prayer and jumped in. Some things don't turn out, but some do. I can't wait to finish this dress.


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