12 September 2009

Craftee Saturdee

I thought we'd do things differently today. Sweet Mama Jones started helping make slippers for women in shelters for this winter. I thought I'd help too. It's the Pink Slipper Project. To help keep women and children in shelters warm this winter. I'm going to start on some today. Maybe a crochet pair too. I do have an idea for a nifty slipper pattern. We'll see if I have time to work it out. If so, I'll post it for free.
The Pink Slipper Project is a great way to help spread some warmth, and not just for toes. To be in a shelter, with or with out your kids, (if you have kids or not) is a hard thing on the woman/mother to go through. The act of making the slippers to give to someone in need is so much more than just the physical comfort it provides. You are giving them support, kindness, a little piece of your heart to let them, mother and child or single woman, battered, abused, lost spouse, alone, know that they are important and treasured and someone does care.
Some one does care.
That helps tremendously.
It's a confidence builder, a hug and a pat on the back saying you aren't alone. Please help this project. You can go here, The Pink Slipper Project for more information. This is how I will be spending my weekend. They also have a Facebook Page too. Look them up.
Hope you have a thoughtful, helpful and lovely Craftee Saturdee today. All Day Long....


  1. This is how I am spending my day today too...thanks so much for joining in! I look forward to your pattern too. :)

  2. Awesome. I am making hats and scarfs...lol. But all of this will help someone in need.


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