27 November 2009

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

This is my non-designer granny's attic Christmas Tree. It's not perfect and it's not designer. But it's my family. Each ornament has it's own story, there are ornaments my mom gave me that she had when we were kids, theres 1 glass tear drop shape bulb my Dad gave my Mom when they were still married, I was 4, ornaments my kids made me and some they bought me at school santa shopps. I love my tree, it represents my family and how much we've grown and love each other.
Nifty sideways pic, the tree is white, but it looks pink in the photos with the red lights. I promise in real life, it's white. The kids wanted it this way, I was going to go for a real tree this year, but Ethan wanted the white tree again. So, here it is.
This next ornament my best friend gave me our senior year with a Christmas Card. Wonder if she recognizes it when she sees it? Look how tiny he is! Smaller than the lights! Amazing it hasn't been lost, that was a really long time ago.

See the carosel horse in this next photo? That was one from my mom's tree when we were kids, and the Lolly Pop is crocheted, I received it in a Christmas Swap on yahoo a few years ago.

I know the ornaments are back lit, with the tree lights only on, but I think it makes the photos seem a little more enchanting. Kind of like snow on Christmas Eve.

Each ornament has it's own story, I'd like to share them all, but that'd take forever.

Took some nifty sideways photos too. Lots of Crochet on the tree, see the blue snowflake? AmyS at Crochetville sent me them in a Secret Pal swap a few years ago. She was my swap partner, how cool was that? The owner of Crochetville?

See Santa's Drawers? Lol, that's funy, anyway, I also got those in a swap 1 year on yahoo. I made the pineapples. They make nifty ornaments made in #3 thread.
These were the bows I made for my porch. They look better up. The ball glove just had to get it's diva self in the photo. Lol. Probably I should pay more attention when snapping photos.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving, and I hope your Christmas is even better. I love Christmas and I love Jesus, there could not be a better time of year. Christmas is so many things to so many people, but to me, it's when God gave me His Son. Because He loved Me. He loved me. And He loved you too.
He loves you too, and I pray that you have family and friends to share this season with, because gifts don't matter, having family and friends do. Just like my non~designer granny's attic tree with it's old and paper & crayon and kids choice ornaments. What matters is not what you get or don't get. What matters is what you have in your heart and what you do with that gift.
Talk to that lonely person you see in the store or the little old lady who lives alone. So many times we rush through and don't see the people, we just see what we have to do next. People matter, and there are lots of lonely and hurting people out there. Sometimes just a conversation or a smile is all it takes to brighten someones day. Spread a little Christmas cheer this year. Even if you have nothing, there's lots to be happy about. Lots to shout about. Lots of love to give.
Sometimes I wish I could just grab the whole world and hug them and share the happiness that's in my heart, but I can't physically do that. I can tell you about Jesus, and how much He loves you. Our minds can not even comprehend the depth of His love for us. It is amazing and unbelieveable and beautiful and peaceful and perfect. Being a Christian is not easy, there's lots of criticism out there for us, but we love all through all that. Because Jesus loves all. No matter who you are, where you are, what you've done or do, He loves you.
I hope you have a warm and happy season this year, and I know some who read my blog may not celebrate Christmas, you might celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza, I still hope for you all the happiness and joy that is Christmas and that you have lots of love and family around you this year. God bless you all and your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

22 November 2009


I'm still here, lol. Just a little busy this past week or so. Hoping things will calm down a bit, I have lots to show you. I've started a new top that I saw on Ravelry in a group CAL. It's the tantric puzzle top, but it's knit, so I'm converting it to crochet. It seems simple enough, we shall see. Also working on a custom order for a wedding, paisley clutches...lots of hand sewing! Hoping to finish those this week. Ohhh! I'm in testing for something super special, not my own design, but for someone else and it's going to be great! Can not wait till that's finished and ok'd for release. You will drool over it! Srsly.

Craftee saturdee's coming up too with old time cookie and candy recipies, and maybe a little ornament craft too. I'm doing gift baskets this year for Christmas, so the ornaments will be a nice touch tied to the different bags of candy and such.
Decorating for Christmas coming up too! I can't wait! We are going to get a real tree this year, I hope, so lots of things to share with you, and porch bows with evergreen in them. Oh yes, tis the season to decorate!
Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving week! All week long!

12 November 2009

Long Flared Skirt Finished!

This is the Long Flared Skirt from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall. I love this book, I can not say it enough. This skirt will be made again and again probably.

This version is a little shorter, I skipped a few repeats in the beginning. It's a little more classy, the next one will be longer and maybe in a material a little scratchy. I can't think of the name, but it's a Vanna yarn, brown and very thin with metallic thread running thru it. Perfect for the beach, a pair of sandles and a tank. Yay, come back summer! ;)

Just a shot of the skirt by itself. As you can tell in the first photo, my husband can't take photos very well, I had to crop the top just to get it proportional, lol, and I can't take one of myself, well, I could do a timer, but you have to be talented to do that right, so, it's a good ole photo on the weathered porch. I love using that as a backdrop for my photos. It's pale and nifty looking, great background to showcase things.
Anyway, I will post the little pattern for the flower from the mitts soon, I haven't really had a signal the past few days, due to cloud cover and rain, lots of it. My isp doesn't do so well out here in the stks! No wifi out here either. Bummer, so time to move closer to the city. It took me about 15 minutes just to upload these 2 photos. Anywho....see you soon!
Ohhh, new nifty idea for Craftee Saturdee's in December. I'm thinking old family cookie recipies...? What do you think?

08 November 2009

My Toes Were Cold...

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So I made these today. They are my Sweet Slipper Pattern. Crocheted in a terry yarn, they were a little big, for some reason, maybe my tension was loose because I was trying to hurry.

I needed something to keep my toes warm, I can't find any sox. Really, I'm serious. I looked in the dresser, the basket, the laundry room, I even lifted the bed skirt and braved the dust bunnnies, no luck. So, I have these.

I added a little ribbon, nothing special, just wove it through both sides and tied a bow. Didn't even sew it in place. Loving these, the terry yarn is ridiculously soft and fluffy. I love fluffy. Especially on my feet.

Like the new post layout? Yeah, I'm trying the flickr posting to blogger thing, we'll see how that goes. I have a photo also of the slippers without the ribbon, we'll see if I can figure out how to add it with flickr. ;)

Have a great evening! I've got 2 weeks of classes left (studying like mad!), then break for Thanksgiving then finals. Why does that sound so final? I can't wait! Driving the freeway at 7am is for the birds. Really. ;)

04 November 2009

Long Flared Skirt

This is the Long Flared Skirt in the book Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall. Really, you all need this book. It's fantastic!

It's working up so quickly infact, I'd be done already if I hadn't run out of yarn. This seems to be a problem with me, lol. Oh, the yarn is Caron Eco in the colorway Oceanmist ;) You know my yarn budget and all. Anyway, It's now sewn up and the draw string has been crocheted, I'm going this week sometime to buy that last skein of yarn to do the bottom trim. Then wa~la! (spelling?)
It'll be done! It looks great with brown underneath. I really like this one. It works up so quickly, I see another one being made for a Christmas gift. Maybe in brown with a gold strand running thru? I saw some yarn like that at Michaels last week. I'm thinking it was a Vanna yarn, but a tiny skein like Paton's Grace. I'd have to buy maybe...7 skeins? Have to do the math on that to be sure.
I did do my skirt 2 pattern repeats less that the original pattern, so my skirt is a little shorter. Hopefully my next post will be the finished skirt! Yay!


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