09 February 2010

Postit Note Tuesdays

I'm joining the bandwagon! Get yours here. SupahMommy!


  1. Yay you did a post it note Tuesday!! I need more yarn too, what a coincidence...lol. i wish some kind of weight loss properties would work haha.

  2. Hmmmm....I'm sensing that you may need more yarn. I could be wrong, but probably not. :) hehehe

  3. Like any addict, I always need more! Lol. I think I'll grab a quick fix for yarn tomorrow after class. I saw this nifty aqua color, yep, it's sending me subliminal messages...Sarah...you must buy me! You know you want to! Rofl! ;)

  4. Hey! Guess what?? You won the bareMinerals foundation! I need you to email me your name and shipping info so I can send it to the sponsors. Congrats!

  5. hey I already have our shipping info but wanted to let you know you won a Rainbow Brite CD. I will be sending it soon.


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