06 April 2010

Soft Fern Tote

I want to show you what I've been working on the past several days! It's in my favorite color, (I know I say that alot, but seriously folks, my purse is lime, my cell is lime yada~yada) It's a pattern from one of the Japanese books that came in the mail last week.

I hung it with my jean jacket (it's a waist length cropped jacket) so you could see just how big this is. The yarn is Loops and Threads from Michaels in the color Soft Fern. It looks lime or like a leaf green to me. Bright lime. :D The sunlight makes it appear faded, but really, it's bright. Ohhhh, since it had a jacket I decided to embellish it with a silver circle necklace too. Why not? Lol. We all like girly stuff, even if it is green.

This was how it came together. It's upside down, but it was worked from the bottom up. Then each strap was tapered and worked in 4 seperate straps, joined at the top. I just ch1 and pulled the loop through the center of the shells. No sew! Woohoo! Though I did have to weave in ends a little.

This little granny will be a throw for my couch when it's done. I did it from memory from a bullion square I used to make years ago, but I couldn't remember the pattern exactly so this is what I've got to start with. I darkened the color tint a bit in this photo b/c the blue looked neon again. The colors are very rich and bright. Can't wait to work more up of this and post another photo. Probably tan, white, plum and rose will also go into this.

Here she is unadorned. My soft fern bag. I'm leaving friday morning on a weekend trip, so I may use this tote this weekend, though it is more suited for the beach. More on that at a later date. ;) I do have a tote already for this weekend, thanks to the lady who organized the trip. More on that as well to come. Lots of photos to post when I get back! Say a prayer for me! You all have a great week and God bless and keep you!


  1. Oh I love that tote!! Gorgeous. can't wait to see what that throw looks like finished too!

  2. That tote is super fabulous!

  3. Thanks! The throw will progress slowly though. It's going to be my inbetween project. I'm really happy about it though because it's going to be very colorful. :)


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