30 October 2010

Beautiful Crochet

Since I made this forever ago, and didn't blog it yet, I thought I'd blog it this morning over a cup of coffee. Errr, sugar and cream with a touch of coffee! Haha! It's the classic H bag shape, well, this one is more like an X shape. But you get the idea. Crochet Motif BagThis square was also used in the Cheery Colorful afghan I made for my husband a while back. This square motif is my favorite ever! It's in several lovely designs for clothes as well as in a Japanese Crochet Motif Book. Where it came from first, idk? but I love it!

Also some fun things too, Cables! I can't tell you all just yet, b/c I'm in a swap, but I am combining a pattern I bought on Ravelry

with the Better Homes and Gardens Cable Bag and seeing what I can come up with. :) This should be interesting...

This is the beginning of the BHG bag, however, the pattern is making me crazy. The backwards tr cable diamonds are...we'll just say beautiful, even though I completely messed them up. Good practice, but next time...they will be made forwards, not backwards. Really dislike ripping stuff out, but the diamonds aren't right.....soooooo.....I'll definitely make this bag again, but for mow, it's the back ground for the experiment! Wish me luck! :P

Ohhh, almost forgot.....fairy photos comming soon! Trick or Treat!

22 October 2010

Sweet Little Fairy!

and not a minute to spare!
We are going to the Fall Festival at church tomorrow where I will be making balloon animals and hats and face painting. Miss A~ is going to be a fairy. I decided to make her costume this year...

this is just the dress...a tutu dress...
and the supplies...

dress embellishment

gathered layers and the bows holding them along the bottom of the dress

The accessories! They were so much fun to make!
I used this tutorial to make the wings

the wand...

the hair barrette

ohhh, aren't they sweet! Can't wait till tomorrow so I can snap a few photos of Miss A~ in her costume!

have a charmingly sweet weekend!

God Bless!

19 October 2010

For the Love of Crochet!

Crochet has a long and rich history. It's so much more than just a way to pass the time or something to do over a cup of tea. My friend Kelly came to visit this week and let me borrow an older book she has. Which made me think of the older books I have, and I thought I'd share some of that love with you...

BTW...this is my current basket of "go-to's" for scraps and swatches, different little things and yes, that is a big ol' skein of Red Heart right beside some lace weight merino. Everything has its place and it's use. :)
The book on the left is Kelly's and it's Crazy Crochet, C. 1981. I love how this book teaches crochet, not by patterns, but by having an idea and picking up a hook and crocheting. This is how I love to work, the items you make from your imagination are truely your own design. It's liberating to just pick up a hook and go...

The red book on the right is The Woman's Day Book of Granny Squares C. 1975. My Mamau, Shelvie Jean, gave it to me when I was teaching my self to crochet, just a couple of years before she passed. She didn't crochet but maybe one of her daughters did.

This little ballerina is from Crazy Crochet, isn't it cute?

Granny Square Loveliness!

Lots of it...

My ideal occupation would be to teach the History of Crochet. That would make me most happy. I would probably never end a lecture, because I'd have so much to say.

My hooks....

and finally a red and white doily I made a few years ago, it needed washing and then I didn't have time to block it, but I like how the "windows" are curling up. It was from Celt's old site. Not sure if the pattern is online anymore, I believe it was called Cathedral Window Doily. The year was 1940 something.
Well, I'll finish this post by saying this is just the first of a few posts on vintage things crochet. I have a few more booklets to show you. Some from the 70's, they are really neat and some so old they sold for 10 cents a booklet. Have a charmingly sweet and lovely afternoon!

For the Love of Crochet...what is some of your crochet history?

16 October 2010

Ribbon Work Tutorials

Over the course of this blog, I've done a few ribbon work tutorials. Some of which, the photos aren't there anymore. They were hosted on photobucket and when I switched to flickr, I lost them. However, there are a few still workable. Here they are. Enjoy!
these next 2 have the 1st photo missing, but all the instructional photos are there
These I didn't make, but they inspire me very much
I've been working with paper a bit too. One of my favorite past~times. :)
Enjoy your weekend!
***Edit*** I've added a few extra links so if you saw the post an hour or so ago, there are more links now. ;)

13 October 2010

Fun Colorful Things

Crochet can be fun, can't it?

I certainly think so. Because I am having lots of fun making these cute little things. One for each of my children. Miss A's is still in the works.

Their favorite colors and teams.
Also, I have something exciting that I'm preparing for, so lots of sweet little fun things to hurry up and make. :) Lots of ideas about that too. :) Still thinking about the best way to do a ribbon work tutorial too, I've not forgot about that. It's just alot of small work and is hard to photograph yourself.

Have a very happy wednesday!
xo~ Sarah

08 October 2010

Stitch Count Error

The Fun Folded Toddler Slippers had a stitch count error in the first few rows. You all must be thinking I've bumped my head or something, lol. Anyway, it is now fixed.
There should be a beginning chain of 50. Then beginning with row 1, you sc into the second chain from the hook and across, making 49sc total. Thank you so much to the Lovely Person who pointed this out to me.
Originally, I was going to post 3 different sizes, (so I have
worked out 3 different patterns for the same slipper) but decided to
just go with one size, since these were inspired by a Knit pair, not my original idea. When making the smaller pair, I wrote over my notes and when typing the pattern from my notes, I put the smaller size in the first part of the pattern, instead of the toddler size.
I am so very sorry for causing you a headache when trying to figure out why it didn't work. I do try to make the very best effort to ensure all of my patterns are free from error, so if you ever catch one, please let me know. It has been a difficult week, to say the least. So anyway, thank you for your patience. The original blog post with the pattern is fixed with correct st counts. :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

04 October 2010

100 Followers Winner!!!!!

Last tuesday I posted a 100 Followers Free Giveaway and the winner is Sarah.Crochet. (I promise this Sarah is not me, lol) My PRTSC button will not work so I couldn't caputre the random number generator number, but I went here and put in the numbers 1 and 19. There were 19 comments and each post had a number given to it. Numbered in order 1-19. #8 was the number it choose, so Sarah.Crochet, please get intouch with me so I can mail you your gifts! Yay!
This was so fun, I really enjoyed it as much as you all did.
Honestly your comments really touched me and I hope to post more of what you commented on. All I can say is Praise the Lord, I am humbled. :) It's both a joy and a blessing to inspire you and to be inspired by you. Have a great week! and make something crafty!

02 October 2010

Just having Fun!

I followed this Paper Rosie Hair Pin Tutorial and made Miss A~ a few hairbows. Since they are made from paper, (the rose) this is the only one to survive, lol.

Ohh...candy corn! Which usually I don't like, but my middle child wanted some and it was pretty good. Love a little bit of sweetness sometimes. Though it's not to good for my diet...

I always admire the little flags or garland many seem to post, so I jumped on the bandwagon and began my own too.

Miss A~ will be getting her own room after the first of the year, so I'm going to be making lots and lots of cuteness to decorate with.

More colors soon!

Have a great night! and if you can, watch the Steelers tomorrow...they are going to be sporting some Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness during the game.


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