29 August 2011

Fall Wreath

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp evenings and mornings, wood smoke, coffee, changing leaves, walks with my kids in the park. Yes, I looooove fall. I can't wait! 

This is the new wreath I made this morning for the door.  Have a wonderful day!

24 August 2011


Just crocheting some flutterbys! Pattern link to the left sidebar. I've been painting a mural in my cousins baby nursery, should be finished this weekend, I'll post a pic for you when I get done. Have a great week!  :0)

16 August 2011

Cro-tat Butterfly

What do you think? I just hot glued the butterfly to a bobby pin and viola! Adorable hair bow for Miss A. The crotat tutorial I used to learn to cro tat, and make this butterfly was in the UK mag Inside Crochet. We are on day 2 of school for the boys. Ahhh! ;) Have a great week!

11 August 2011


I'm still here, I promise.  :0)
Just getting the boys ready for school, shopping, enjoying the last few days of summer vacation. My laptop finally crashed for good, sigh...so I need to get it fixed or get another one. Hopefully soon.

Anywho... the little white dress may get a larger version soon, there has been lots of questions about that, as of right now, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and learning to cro-tat! How cool is that? I won a giveaway from Neicee and in one of the magazines...Inside Crochet from the UK!!!!!  There is a tut on it. Yay! Have a lovely day!  Thank you Neicee!


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