31 December 2011

Ringing in the New Year...

Crochet style!  At least for right now. I've decided to take a page from Heather's book, and work up a solid color cable afghan. The color is teal, so warm and deep. Beautiful. I need a new throw for my gandmas rocking chair. She gave it to me when I was preggers with my first child. I do have some greeeeeeeat news, well I will in a few weeks, maybe a month or so. I can't wait!!!!! Promise I'll share it with you soon! Hope you had a fantastic 2011 and that 2012 is even better for you! Happy Crocheting and have a  beautiful New Year.....all year long!  God bless!

28 December 2011

Cutie little mitts

These I worked up yesterday, super fast. They are baby/toddler size depending on your hook/yarn/gauge. No thumb space using a size h hook,
(I hook if you Crochet tightly) switching to a g for the ribbing. Red Heart super saver. Joining each row with a slst, ch1.
R1, ch2, 6sc in 2nd chain from hook.
R2 12 dc
R3 2fpdc around next st, fpdc around next st repeat around. (18fpdc)
R4-9 fpdc around each st.
R10 change colors, fpdc around
R11 change back to main color. Change to smaller hook, fpdc next stitch, bpdc around next stitch, around
R12 change to contrast color and repeat last row, finish off and weave in ends.
Makes a cute quick gift for donation, the hook size change provides a sizing change making the ribbing smaller to stay on the hand. The fpdc makes the mittens thick to keep little fingers warm. Enjoy! (When I finally get a new laptop, I'll format it into a "real" pattern)
Have a great day! God Bless!

22 December 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho.....

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderfully beautiful time with your family and friends. On Christmas Eve...read Luke chapter 2 in the Bible. We do, and I'm looking forward to it. Merry Christmas!

13 December 2011

Lovely Lacy Candy Cane Cover...

For my boys' teachers. I've been making these for years, thread is so delicate and really adds such a timeless touch to your decorating. Especially for the Christmas season. If you'd like to make something similar, I can't write up my own pattern yet since I'm still posting with my lovely Android, laptop not replaced yet, you can go to CrochetMemories.com and look at their holiday menu, Christmas patterns. Fantastic place for beautifully crocheted patterns for purchase, they do have free patterns too. :0)   Have a great day!

12 December 2011

And Miss A too!

I looooooove this time of year! My Mom is coming Friday and I can't wait. The kids are so happy, we've been so busy, everyone had input on the ornaments and helped make them for her. Miss A's stocking is a free pattern from Maggie Wheldon, called Lacy Stocking. I found it on Crochet Pattern Central. We'll be decorating and cleaning and cooking and hurry-ing the week along, so Hope You Have A Lovely Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 December 2011

and one more...

This one for my middle child.  :0)  it also was a free pattern, I just kinda did my own thing though. Basic pattern was found on ravelry. One more will be for Miss A. Today I cooked taco soup for dinner, what warm wintry things do you cook this time of year?

10 December 2011

African Violet Stocking

I have been getting some requests for the back of the stocking, so you can see how it was sewn together. So the photo in this post is one side and the previous post is the other side.  The hexagon for the toe fits, but makes the toe area round...so to get it flat I just smooshed it flat with my hand and pulled the toe a bit to stretch it into shape, it doesn't bother me that it isn't flat because it is so pretty. So enjoy, post me a link if you make it too. Maybe you can figure out how to make the toe flat? I just didn't have much time to engineer that part. Lol!  Happy crocheting!

09 December 2011

Yay! It's done!

Finally! Inspired by Tiago's african violet stocking on ravelry, I knew when I saw theirs that my stocking pattern hunting days were over. It was tricky to sew up, but I love how it turned out. We've been making paper Christmas ornaments from wrapping paper, cards, origami, I'll show you a photo soon. My mom is coming next Friday so we've been going crazy making and cleaning and ahhhhhh! Lol, trying to get everything done, have a lovely wonderful Christmas-y weekend! God bless!

06 December 2011

Christmas Crochet!

The lighting was a bit to bright for the photo, but you know the colors.  :0)  while browsing ravelry the other day I came across a nifty project...no pattern, just an idea and I'm going to run with it.......see you soon!!!!!


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