23 January 2012

A new dolly for Miss A~

a few months ago...back before the new laptop, I took Miss A shopping for some fabrics to make her a Raggedy Anne type of doll. Here is our journey for sewing Miss A's Raggedy Anne.

 I had one when I was little and my Mom just gave him back to me last summer. Many, many memories, even though it is stained and faded and missing his jumper, I still cherish this little clown. The arms and legs had been sewn back on many times.

 So I had to draft a pattern, you can find simple ones for free online.

Please excuse my very simple sketch, lol.  :)

These were the fabrics she choose. She LOVES pink. All little girls seem too.

I did sew seperate fabric for the shoes so the legs and feet were 1 piece. You can see how much smaller the piece is when turned rightside out, the whole body was made this way, then stuffed and the face was sewn before stuffing.

The hair does kind of look funny before being sewn on, but using masking tape and then sewing on a sewing machine really helps. I used a tutorial for that, but I can't remember where from now. You can look up waldorf doll hair tutorials.

Isn't she cute? An updated Raggedy Anne style doll for Miss A to cherish for many years. Just like I cherished my little clown. A gift from my mom to me to Miss A.

I love the feet!

Have a wonderful week!

oh.....p.s. I did sew a matchingdress and hairbow for Miss A! Maybe I'll post that photo soon.


  1. What an adorably cute doll! She looks fantastic. I love the colour combination you used :)

  2. oh i would love to see Miss A's matching dress and bow! LOVE this!

  3. I LOOOVVVVEEEE her!! :) You did a fantastic job!

  4. I love Raggedy Anne I remember hearing the stories as a little girl. Your doll is adorable, the colours are really yummy. I'm sure Miss A has a wonderful time with her little friend.

  5. Thank you all! Have a great day!

  6. You did a fantastic job Sarah! You should add this to the craft book I know you are going to write someday... hint, hint. You are so talented!!

  7. Praise the Lord and Thanks Miranda! It is on my goal list this year, to get organized and serious about ideas and submitting to a publisher. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. What a beautiful doll you created for your daughter. She will cherish it for years. I envy your talent with the sewing machine, I barely know how to turn mine on. Have a wonderful day. :-)


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