02 March 2012

A rainy day Stitch Sampler

My heart and prayers are with those suffering from the storms and those to come.
God bless you and be with you.

It's just rainy here right now so Miss A and I are taking it easy with some Sesame Street and since the special number of the day is 4, I have 4 pictures of my progress for you today.

I hope the sunshines for you this weekend!
We are off to see what Elmo has to say today! Lol!


  1. Sarah~ your stitch sampler is breath taking! And what a sweet prayer. Hope you & Miss A have fun with Elmo. I have Miss Gabby {my almost 5 year old granddaughter} here today and we are doing the same thing! She is watching Backyardigans now while I am grabbing my crochet. Rainy day here.

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  3. Very beautiful!
    Watching Elmo with your little one on a rainy day sounds fun. I love watching Barney with my boys.

  4. very beautiful!!!!!!love it.very nice blog.
    have a nice day,


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