10 April 2012

We're Back!

On Easter Sunday we took a mini vacation to the beach just to enjoy the beauty that God has provided us with and to rest and relax as a family. I took probably 200 photos, most of them are of the kids playing and having fun and they are special to me, for this post I'll share a few and mostly the beautiful things we got to see...

:)We had such a great time! I can't wait to go back! :)

Right now though...I've got salad and garlic bread, (Carbs I know!) waiting for me then a nice nap. My legs are so sore! We walked miles and miles since about all we did was walk for 3 days! Lol!

Have a beautiful afternoon!

Praise Jesus All Day Long!


  1. As fotos ficaram lindas, o lugar realmente parece abençoado por Deus. A natureza nos faz sentir bem.
    Beijos. Fique com Deus.

  2. hello my friend i wish you many happy days I'm following a nice pretty pictures you love to discuss, please add me to your friends list.

  3. That sounds amazing. I need a good beach vacation. I can't believe how big Anna has gotten.


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