10 May 2014

A Mother's Day Trivet

A trivet if you work 2 in cotton and stitch together or a Mandala if worked as 1 piece, or pretty yarn doily. :) Hope you have a blessed Mother's Day with your family!

This was going to be a hat/cocoon pattern when I first started in the spring of 2012, but it was buried in my wip basket and I found it this morning! It was such a treat! So I’m releasing it as a Trivet instead, or if worked in cotton 2 times and stitched together, a potholder. Happy Crocheting! God Bless!
A Mother’s Day Trivet
Various scraps of worsted weight yarn and size G crochet hook. (H hook if you crochet tightly) Finished size 7”
Note: Fasten off color after joining each row and begin with a new color every row.
Special Stitches:
3dc Cluster (Work 3dc into a stitch, keeping last look on hook, yo and pull through all sts on hook)
Shell (5dc)
Big V st. (dc, ch3, dc)
3 Cluster Shell (3dc cluster, ch2, 3dc cluster, ch2, 3dc cluster)


R1 Ch5, work 9 dc, ch1 in the 5th ch from hook, Join. (3 skipped chs count as a dc) (10dc, 10- ch1 sps)

R2 Join into a ch1 sp. Ch2, work a 2dc cluster into this same st, ch2. (Counts as a 3dc cluster) Work a 3dc Cluster, ch2 into each ch sp around. Join. (10 clusters, 10- ch2 sps)

R3 Join into ch2 sp. Ch5, dc into same sp. (Counts as a V st) (Dc, ch2, dc) into each ch2 sp around, join. (10 Vsts)

R4 Work a sc in between any V st, (not into a Vst) Into the next V st work Shell (5dc), sc in between Vsts around, end with 5dc shell into alst V st and join to first sc. (10 5dc shells, 10sc)

R5 Join into any sc on R4, Ch6, dc into same sc, (counts as a Big V st). *Skip 2 dc, in next dc, work a (sc, ch2, sc) skip next 2 dc, into next sc work Big V st. (dc, ch3, dc). Repeat from * around and end with (sc, ch2, sc) in center of shell. Join to 3rd ch of beg ch6. (10 Big V sts, 10- sc, ch2, sc sps)

R6 Join with a sc into any ch2 sp from R5. *Ch1, work a 3 Cluster Shell (3dc cluster, ch2, 3dc cluster, ch2, 3dc cluster) into the Big V st. ch1, sc into next ch2 sp from R5. Repeat from * around and end with a 3dc Cluster Shell. Join to first sc. (10- 3dc Cluster Shells, 10sc)

R7 Into any sc, join and ch3, work 2 more dc into this sc. *[Into next ch2 sp, work (sc, ch2,sc)] 2 times. Into next sc from R6 work 3dc. Repeat from * around. Finish off and weave in ends.

*Note, the loopy/lacy appearance of the dc sts is due to working a sc round after R7, then ripping back. You can achieve a similar yet different effect also by working (dc, ch1, dc, ch1, dc) instead of working 3dc in R7 if you choose. Either way is gorgeous!
 Edit to add: On R7, the lacy top of the dc sts was created by working a round of sc, then ripping back. You can also put your hook into the top of each dc st, as if to crochet into it, and give a slight tug, this will open up the top of the dc and give a more lacy appearance as mine in the main photo.

 Please send me links to your photos, I’d love to see your color combinations! Maybe even make a collage of them to share on the blog. Enjoy!

Craftsy pdf here
Ravelry pdf here


  1. Lovely!
    Greetings from Marijke

  2. It's beautiful Sarah, Thank you for the pattern. :)

  3. So cute, and thanks for the pattern! :)

  4. Thank you so much Sarah, it is gorgeous.
    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day a bit late.


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